About Me

I am a West Virginia-born artist with many years of experience in fine and “commercial” art.  I’m currently living in the Washington DC Metro area, though I’m still very attached to home. I’ve always loved to draw and have been fortunate to be able to make my living as an illustrator, graphic artist and fine artist.

I studied Fine Art at West Virginia University and Graphic Arts at the Ray College of Design in Chicago.  I was an illustrator for many years for Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Combined Shows, Inc., followed by over a decade as an architectural illustrator. I have also set up and delivered art programs to children grades K through 12 at a private school in the DC area.

I’ve received awards for my artwork, such as an Honorable Mention in The Artist’s Magazine annual international art competition, and I was chosen to show my work in solo and group exhibitions in Washington DC, West Virginia and in locales in Virginia.  I have been pleased have had my work exhibited alongside outstanding works by my fellow artists, and very honored to have won awards in many of these exhibits and competitions

Though I love capturing light and patterns in landscapes and water scenes, I also very much enjoy portraiture and doing commissioned works. I have had fun capturing the likenesses of children, adults, pets and even houses. 

It is difficult to say which is my favorite medium to work in, as I can work in oil, watercolor, acrylic, colored pencil, pen and ink, and pencil -- I really enjoy them all and the various effects I can create in each one. I also accept commissioned work in any one of these media and just about any subject.